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A R Rahman first Indian to have over 10 million followers on Facebook

The closest, in terms of total followers, to Rahman is the little master Sachin Tendulkar with 9 million followers

AR Expressions Gallery | Rahman 360º

  Rahman 360º Facebook Page Reaches 300 000+ Fans       Click Here For More Pictures Of A.R.Rahman Sir Thanks Mr.Mahesh

A.R.Rahman Tops FaceBook Page Rank – India

  A.R.Rahman Official Facebook Page

Rahman 360º Celebrates First Year Anniversary

Design : Shafi Rahmaniac Happy Birthday Wishes To Mozart Of Madras Allah Rakha Rahman And His beloved Son Ameen Rahman 360º Celebrates First Year Anniversary Website : Rahman360.Com Facebook : Facebook.Com/Rahman360 Twitter : Twitter.Com/Rahman360 Thanks To Rahmaniacs ,Media Friends,Websites,Contributors. Hearty Thanks Rahmanism.Com ARRahman.Asia Rahmaniac.Com ARRahman Yahoo Group Jai Ho RahmanJi Regards, ArunBharhath ADMIN  

ARRahman At 127 Hours UK Premiere | Video [HD]

AR Rahman and Aamir Khan rule Facebook!

There’s no stopping the two little big men of Bollywood! After winning over the audiences world over with their work, they are now ruling the world’s No. 1 social networking site Facebook. AR Rahman, Oscar winning musician of Slumdog Millionaire fame and one of the world’s top selling recording artistes of all time added another
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