A Collection of Tidbits on ARR

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“Right from his young age, ARR used to do soldering and displayed his interest in electronics. His aspiration was to become an Electronics Engineer, but destiny had something else in store for him ”

When ARR was 10 years old, he was used to wearing half pants and shirts. At that time, there was a Pir who visited him and advised him not to dress showing his legs. Right from that moment, ARR stopped wearing half pants, and till date has taken proper care to ensure that he is dressed properly all the time. ARR took the advise of the Pir in the right spirit, and even at that tender age didn;t reply back asking why ??.

ARR ‘s Father used to have a Moris Minor car, and ARR ‘s Grandfather was an excellent driver. ARR started learning car driving right from the age of 9 in the beaches of CHENNAI ( Marina beach ) . Their entire family used to go round Chennai in that car. But they have disposed the car now.

” ARR ‘s Progress Report always used to feature ” Good & Very quiet Boy ” in the conduct Portion. And whenever he used to miss some homework, the teacher used to punish him by asking him to sit near girls, for which he would feel so bad, and come home very dissappointe

When ARR & Raihanaji were children, they used to be taken to Parrys Corner in Chennai, by their mother, for shopping. There they used to love having sweets like Gulab Jamun & Basandhi. These sweets have always been their favourities.

When they were kids, their mom used to take them to a seth ji’s sweet shop in parry’s Corner in Chennai. The Gulab Jamoon’s and Baasundhi’s in that shop was their favourite and continues to remain their favourite even now.
So many years have passed, but still the taste of the sweets from that shop remains as it always used to be… Some good things in life never change, this is one of them!

” Many Tamil Poets and Lyrisicts used to criticise ARR and ask him to learn Tamil properly, without even wondering at his Tamil accent and hoe he is able to compose such super hits in TAMIL. But not even one day ARR has given it back to them asking them why they haven’t learnt music.”.

It seems ARR was very much attached to his grand mother and so was she towards ARR. She used to ask him if he would get her a saree , when he was 5 yrs old, for which ARR would reply that he would pack a room full of sarees for her, and she used to get delighted hearing that.. But unfortunately, she is not alive now, otherwise, ARR would have surely made it a reality now..

These Wer Shared by Raihanaji

Thanks : Vithur Bro for Sharing with us