A.R Rahman Live In Action

By June 15, 2010 No Comments

The legendry music master, A.R Rahman is just thrilling the audience with his ‘Jai Ho Concert: The Journey Home World Tour’. People are just craving to catch the live action.

Whatever Rahman does, is a miracle in itself. He is just piling up on showbiz pieces one after the other in his Jai ho concert. The backdrop comprises of a million lights, acrobats, dancers and his thrilling voice.

What else does a die-hard fan of Rahman needs? The start took place in New York on Friday, went to Atlantic City, on Saturday and rocked DC-Virginia on Sunday.

Around 24,000 people saw the show in three days, now the show is moving across America, Canada and London.

The electic mix of music had songs from Jodhaa Akbar, Roja, Jane Tu Ya Jane Na, music from Hariharan, Rang De Basanti and some of Jackson’s beats.

A man in his 50’s told “Rahman is always big but now with winning the Oscars and Grammy awards, he is even more powerful.”

He further added “None can resist his music. When the Rang De Basanti title song was played, I was also dancing in the isle. And I saw around me there were hundreds of kids, some of them must be in high school, dancing and singing. This was a show that had everything, music and spectacles.”