A R Rahman – "My music is mostly for the music"

By June 29, 2010 No Comments


The recent guest on CNN’s Connect the World was India’s academy winning musician A R Rahman. The rather introvert composer was interviewed by Becky Anderson, the host of the show.

For those who don’t know, Connect the World is a unique show that takes viewers on a sweeping journey across continents, beyond headlines and into the stories that are changing our world and also gives viewers a chance to connect with some of their favorite personalities by sending in their questions and having them answered.

Rahman fielded queries from viewers of the show – on what he likes, the ongoing Jai Ho tour and the way he perceives music.

When one of the viewers asked – what do you enjoy more, scoring for film or privately composing? Rahman said, “My music is mostly for the music. And it gives the liberty to do anything which I want. And nobody limits me to one genre of music. But I learn from life and I try to give back to life, in a way, whether it’s the thought of the song or whether it’s the approach to the arrangement or anything.

“I enjoy both, because scoring for films gives an inspiration to write music immediately, most — most of the times. And when you — you’re private, you’re just think — trying to have your own thoughts. And that’s also good. So scoring for films makes me do more work and now that’s — yes, I get more out.”

Speaking about his current tour ‘Jai Ho’, for which he is performing across US, Rahman said, “We are a full blown production with Western dial and Eastern dial altogether with a very different prospect to – of the music I’ve been doing for 18 years.”

Rahman also revealed about favourite music film – The sound of music – when a viewer asked if he’d like to re do the music of a classic film. “Well, my all time favorite is ‘The Sound of Music’ and still is. And I wouldn’t like to redo it. It’s perfect,” he said.