A.R. Rahman talks composing for Danny Boyle’s Olympics opening ceremony

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“It’s one of the songs for the opening ceremony. It’s a secret,” he told IFC.

A.R. Rahman has made a name for himself in Hollywood working with Danny Boyle. Their first collaboration on 2008?s “Slumdog Millionaire” won Rahman two Oscars including Best Original Score and Best Song (“Jai Ho”). When they teamed up two years later for “127 Hours,” Rahman was again nominated in both categories. Rahman won’t be working on Boyle’s next film, “Trance,” but they are taking their collaborative process to the big leagues.

During an interview promoting his recent Hollywood score for “People Like Us,” Rahman exclusively revealed to IFC that he would be composing part of the music Boyle is using in the 2012 summer Olympics.

“I’m already doing a track for him for the Olympics. You’re the first person to know!” Rahman said when we asked if he thought he and Boyle would work together in the future. “It’s one of the songs for the opening ceremony. It’s a secret.”

Boyle’s preparations for the opening ceremony have been the subject of much media attention in recent weeks. The $42 million (£27 million), three hour long extravaganza will be called “Isles of Wonder” and is inspired by Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” and Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein.” Paul McCartney has already confirmed his involvement in the production, and the electronic band Underworld will be writing original music for the opening ceremony as well. Underworld composed the music for Boyle’s stage version of “Frankenstein,” which was performed at the Royal National Theatre in 2011.

Though Rahman isn’t working with Boyle on his next film, he told IFC that he has faith they’ll collaborate on another movie in the future.

“I think ‘Trance’ is being worked by his composer who did ‘Trainspotting,’ and I felt good that he was going back to the original composer, but I would give my heart [to work with him],” Rahman said with a laugh. “I think we’ll be working together in the future.”

“People Like Us” is due in theaters this Friday. Tune in later this week for the rest of our interview with Rahman.


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