A.R. Rahman’s crazy for cameras!

By September 17, 2011 No Comments


Imitaz Ali discovered something about AR Rahman in a rather amusing way while working on Eros International’s forthcoming release Rockstar.

Imtiaz, during one of his visits to Rahman’s studios in Chennai, got into a casual conversation with the music director about traveling and discovering new places. He complained to Rahman about all the tourists who travel to exotic locations and then instead of enjoying the view, are too busy clicking photographs. They look at everything from their lens instead of taking it in with their eyes. Rahman simply heard out Imtiaz’s point of view but said nothing.

Sometime later, when Rahman came to visit the film’s shooting in Srinagar, Imtiaz took him around to see Pehelgam and other beautiful places. The music maestro took out his camera and got busy shooting the picturesque locales. Throughout the trip he did not part with his camera! At one point he turned around and told Imtiaz; “I am the kind of tourist you don’t like”.

Imtiaz, to his amusement, then discovered that Rahman is a gadget freak and owns all the latest hand held cameras possible, including a 7D camera!

A Shree Ashtavinayak Cine Vision Ltd. and Eros International presentation, Rockstar, releases in cinemas worldwide on 11th Nov.