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Its 20 years since v heard the first Chord of his piano.. A soft Humble boy from southmost part of india is today the icon of India to the Globe.. Wat has made him so unique in this 20 Years his some thing beyond his music.. Something Beyond His keyboard Chords..I have taken a little initiative to Sum up the 20 Which I learnt from him..


Dont be Afraid to try something New: They Say ” ship is safe at its Dock, but that is nnot the purpose it has been made for” These lines fits the bill Perfectly For this man.. A rock and roll AR#1


Present Things in the way its ought to be presented: Even Mobile Phones usage has improved only after the lot of new features and music is no such exception .. he created an Awe around an Indian Music that it took it to the level 2..A delightful Ar# 2


Working Productive is key than Working Hard : During these 20 years the films would ve surely flooded to his doorsteps.. But he was selective and he is selective .. After Turning the indian Music phase in 1992 and Doing only a mere 100 Films and still standing on the top of the list shows this man’s strength.. A careful  AR# 3


Take both the laurels and rewards of ur work both by Yourself: When he Got oscar he was at the acccepting end.. when his Cwg anthem and his lack of Attention on regional films was criticised he was at the receiving end.. But he never shifted the burden and he took it by himself.. A leadership Ar#4


You Grow and spread the same for PPl around U: After he has grown to such an extent he was never hesitant to promote the Work of the ppl around ,, He promoted Rashid alis’s call me dil, Kj Singh sir ik Onkar And naveen sir’s cafe fluid.. A friendly Ar#5


Reaching Heights But never Forget ur roots: They say that Mani rathnam and balachander sir can c him at anytime wen he is on town, without prior permission Such is the man’s nature also His track in Oscar Superbad was named “OSCAR SANGAMAM” Salutesir.. An Respectful AR#6


There Should not be a area where ur feet hasn’t touched: PPl should not say u have not done this u ve not done that.. In my Knowledge he has done and touched all genres of music .. A musical AR #7


Carry A smile: I haven’t seen any Photograph in which this man isnt smiling .. He carries it as his trademark.. A smiling Ar#8


A good Husband, A good Son, A good father, A good Brother, A good Citizen: I Dont think an explanation is needed for this attribute.. A family Ar#9


A philanthrophist: Being a philanthrophist is no big deal , but this man always follows Wat he says or shares .. A Philanthrophic AR# 10


A technology geek:He is not only an expert composer , He is also a geek in technology I remember Chinmayi Once stating .. ” if i havee to know what are the nw apps available .. I will Chk either rahman sir mobile or Laptop.. A TechnologIcal AR #11


Making World a one Home : Ar rahman once stated in Sydney Concert that he beleives in “Vasudeva Kudumbakam” which means the world is one house .. He has not only said so but he has taken us through it from Mj to Nusrath Fath ali khan , From Hans Zimmer to Dk pattamal he has taken us everywhere..  A worldly AR# 12


Teaching Fishing is better than feeding Fish : He has not only enlightened us with his music but has also taken it to the next gen through km conservatory.. A proud AR # 13..


If you are a power point Present yourself : I have never seen Rahman with a loose baggy jean ( not to disgrace the other lot).. But he has always presented himself in the way u ought to present urself .. A refreshing  Ar # 14..


Ur highest success comes after your biggest Disappointment : Lagaan, Oscars, Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya , Rockstar that explains the lot .. A Coming Back Ar # 15


Household Name : My mother often says ” Ar rahman pidkkum pidikkum sonna pathathu avana madiri irukanum..( Dont keep saying that u like ar rahman try to be like him) A Self Defining AR # 16..


A Harry Potter broom Stick Across Generations : V heard him Through tapes v heard him in Cassettes , V heard him In ACD’s .. v heard him In Mp3’s .. V hear him now on itunes and ipods.. Whatever it is tomo he ll be there even.. A time Travel AR# 17


Respecting the Senior Pros: Chk This Link And chk his reaction aft the names Ilayaraja Sir and Bala Sir.. A head Bowing Ar # 18


Encouraging the Junior Pros: Ask him abt Harris Jayaraj’s vaseegara or ask him abt anirudh’s kolaveri.. U ll always hear.. ” ya its good”.. As simple as that A head High Ar # 19..


Surrender to God: Be it Khwaja mere Khwaja or kun faya kun u ll Surely feel this man aint composed it But he has lived in it.. Such is the durrender of This man to God and no wonder god gives him back the proudest things .. A divine and a tearful Ar # 20..


This is just a Chinna Chinna aasai to the man with whom I have grown through ages.. Happy AR# 20 frds.. Happy Independence Day!!


By Rahmaniac Varadha Rajan