A Song For The End Of The World

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The leading composer-singer plans to release his single on December 21

It seems Bollywood and its denizens have taken Doomsday predictions and its consequences a bit too seriously! The latest to join the bandwagon is none other than AR Rahman who wishes to celebrate the ‘end of the world’ concept. The ace composer, who wishes to say his final goodbye to the world, has already recorded a song to instill faith and optimism in people.

The Academy Award-winning composer prefers to keep his untitled song under wraps. “The song is themed on love. It’s a rainbow of hope. When we are all tuned with positive thoughts, we can change disastrous destinies,” said Rahman in an interview. Interestingly, the Slumdog Millionaire composer has partnered with industrialist Mukesh Ambani and his wife Nita for the project who are said to have played a crucial role in bringing this song to life.

The composer is presently in Los Angeles adding finishing touches to his single which is likely to release next week. We hope Rahman’s magic works big time!


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