'Aamir Khan is a very straight forward person.' – ARR

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You have immense faith in ‘dargahs’ and ‘sufi’ saints. The last composition of this genre that we heard from you was the mind-blowing ‘Khwaja Mere Khwaja'(JODHAA AKBAR). Can we expect a totally non filmy album on ‘sufi’ divine music, especially for the fans of this genre?
First of al let me tell you that ‘Khwaja Mere Khwaja’ was not composed for JODHAA AKBAR. It was a personal work for myself. As far as an album on ‘sufi’ divine music is concerned, I would love to do it, if time permits. It is very much in my mind.

Your fans in UK would like to know if you have anything special planned for the UK leg of your tour that is in Birmingham and London’s Wembly Arena later this month?

‘Aamir Khan is a very straight forward person.’

Well in short, I can only say that it will be a celebration with lots of style.

Danny Boyle is likely to direct Aamir Khan in a film called BOMBAY VELVET (for Anurag Kashyap). Since you are close to both Danny and Aamir, will you be composing for the project?
I am not aware about the mentioned project.

You have a special rapport with Aamir Khan? What is common to both of you, we mean in your style of working?
Aamir Khan is a very straight forward person. I really enjoy working with him.

Your music for Mani Ratnam’s DIL SE and also Ashutosh Gowariker’s SWADES, both starring Shah Rukh Khan are still very popular. Any chance of working with SRK in the near future?
I don’t know, let’s see.

In the end coming to RAAVAN, you have composed some new and innovative tunes and sounds for the film that blend with the narratives. Did you study the epic Ramayana before you composed the music?
One does not have to study the Ramayana. It is in the heart of every Indian.

Once it was heard that RAAVAN was to be based on the epic Ramayana, it was expected that there will be some conventional and devotional music from the audio album but as always from you we get never heard before tunes and new radical sounds. Any reasons for that?