About Launching Music of Raavan Movie

By April 19, 2010 No Comments

Mani Ratnam and Big Pictures have authoritatively started the teaser preview of their ambitious Raavan. It is a 40 second overwhelming teaser preview designed for the audio launch of the movie on April 24.

The 1st appearance of Abhishek Bachchan taking a dive from top of a rock into a waterway lower and him riding a bike and Aiswarya Rai’s face with terror written all above is the visual.

The Telugu and Tamil Raavan teaser preview will be released only near to its audio launch.

T- Series have attained the Hindi audio rights of the movie, which has composed by A R Rahman. T-Series, president- marketing media issuing (TV) Vinod Bhanushali said: “It is a magnum job which takes jointly the winning grouping of A R Rahman and Mani Ratnam . The movie’s star cast is also fairly an attraction.”

Temporarily the Telugu and Tamil audio rights consultation are going on, with Sony Music emerging as the front entrant. Once the contract is firmed up, Raavanan audio launch in Telugu and Tamil will take place most likely in May.