AR Rahman inspired by Michael Jackson

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As millions across the world still sway to the tunes of Michael Jackson, music maestro AR Rahman, too, believes Michael Jackson is one of the greatest inspirations and a major influence on his work.

Double Oscar-winner AR Rahman is so inspired by Michael Jackson’s music that he is set to include the compositions of the late pop star as a subject at his music school, the KM Music Conservatory in Chennai.

Rahman will also don the hat of a lecturer for this course, giving the first lecture on Jackson, his life and times, and how it influenced his own music.

Jackson-the king of POP
Inspiring countless musicians across the world, Michael Jackson has left an indelible mark on the history of music.

AR Rahman says, “I have been inspired by Michael and his works for years now. I think he was an inspiration for an entire generation. He is artist of the century.”

As AR Rahman gets ready for his next world tour “Jai Ho: The Journey Home World Tour 2010”, he plans to commemorate ‘the king of pop’ in his own way. In one of the various acts during the tour, AR Rahman would dress like Michael Jackson.

AR Rahman adds, “Michael is an institution in his own right. His work is vast in variation and quantity. His music has left an impression on the minds and hearts of generations. Personally, it will be a matter of pride for me.”

Jackson’s greatest lesson for Rahman

The Mozart of Madras, AR Rahman, who met the ‘Thriller’ hitmaker two days before his death, believes the meeting had changed his life.

AR Rahman says, “I had met him and though he was such a big star, he was always a very humble human being. That really touched and inspired me.”

Rahman also goes on to say that Michael’s sudden death has taught him a big lesson of life. He says, “He was a legend and did not have to hanker for the spotlight. Despite him having everything, he died in a second. It has taught me the greatest lesson.”

He concludes, “I can’t let the spotlight take control of my mind because the day I don’t work well, all this will also go in a second.”