AR Rahman reduced his work in India for international project: Is it rumor to truth?

By May 6, 2010 No Comments

AR Rahman is a prominent music composer in Indian film industry. He is known all over the world for his work. He is now one of the busiest music composers in India. Movie producers always like to work with him because they know AR Rahman is always something special to the movie lovers and he has a lot of fans outside the India.

There was a rumor that AR Rahman had cut down on his work in India due to the swelling number of international projects that he had in hand. Rahman has admitted the truth that he has reduced his work in Indian movie because he could not manage his time.

There were also rumors that film makers could not think of approach him after AR Rahman hiked his fee. He showed the reason that the market of Indian film is expanding. So, he can demand such a decent amount of money. However, I can not find any information that he has reduced his work for international projects. So, I think it is noting but rumor.