AR Rahman: The perfectionist won’t compromise on quality of his show, hence re-schedules his North American tour

By June 28, 2010 No Comments

AR Rahman, the multi-talented composer, record producer, singer and musician is what he is today because of his hard work and eye for detail. The composer believes that when he presents something it should be at its best and with no compromises involved.
The singer and his team had a miraculous escape last week, while they were in Detroit preparing for a show that was part of their US Tour. The Pontiac Silverdome infrastructure at the concert arena collapsed on their set, damaging it severely, but thankfully not causing any injury to him or his team.
The world’s all-time top selling recording artist, Rahman refused to go ahead with the remaining leg of his tour without the original set and has therefore chosen to cancel his remaining leg of US tour. The master musician said that re-creating the entire set would take more than three weeks and hence it was best to cancel the tour currently. The perfectionist tweeted “We are working to recoup all that has been lost (the lights, the sets) which will take us over three weeks to complete. The vision for the show includes beautiful choreography and circus acts and it feels less than, not to include them”.
The “Mozart of Madras” also added an apology to his fans in U.S and Canada and further said that he feels this incident came as  “ a blessing in disguise, as we will have the opportunity to perform for you with even more energy and perfection.”

44 year old Rahman is also a multi-award winning composer who has several Indian and International awards like the Filmfare, Golden Globe, Grammy and Academy Awards to his name. But considering how much attention to detail he likes paying we are sure his list of awards will be endless.