AR Rahman Vs Michael Jackson – The ‘JAM’ Mashup

By May 15, 2010 No Comments

Imagine if this had happened. MJ and Rahman on a single stage.Will it did happen for Ekam Satyam, but no one seems to have any damn record of it. But i am talking of full on blast concert creating a mother load of a mash-up to be embedded in the books for ever! Imagine such a treat for the world audience!!

It was one of those days again when i was doing parallel processing in my brain and found a great way to probably imagine how it would sound if we put 2 great tracks in a single mix. I did this mix very quickly, like in few hours,dint clean the mix in great detail because i wanted a ‘live feel’ and to achieve it, i let the sound bounce on its volume a bit.It feels raw and but thats how it should be i think.

To me it sounds awesome. AR Rahman’s track from Shivaji – The Boss mixed with Micheal Jackson’s Jam!!

I hope you guys like it

This is my way of imagining what the world has missed out!

Oh by the way, this is by no means my best work. I go onto much more detail, so please don’t judge me based on this.

Download :

Credits : Wired Beats