ARR to perform in IPL closing ceremony

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The other day when I was travelling, A.R. Rahman was my co-passenger.

Once I realised he would be sitting beside me, I switched off my iPod. He was in a chatty mood so I decided to strike up a conversation and asked him, why does he sing only one song in every film that he composes the music for?
For a moment I thought the man was going to snap, but he politely replied, “Because I do not want people to ask me why I sing all the songs!” (No, that was not a dig at Himmesh Reshammiya, was it?) Rahman also confessed that he loved working at night because that is when he gets inspired to be at his creative best. He also told me that though his kids are learning to sing, he isn’t sure whether they will follow in his footsteps later on. Maybe they secretly want to be actors.

I must tell you I never thought he would be so inter esting to chat with. I can’t spill all the beans about our conversation cos he will label me a snoop. I can’t risk that cos he invited me to the IPL closing ceremony where he will be performing with interna tional artistes.

On 25th April in Mumbai

Source : Deccan Cronicle