ARR 'to take action over Slumdog use'

By March 23, 2011 No Comments

AR Rahman

AR Rahman has said that he will take legal action against a soft drinks company that used one of his tracks without permission.

The advert, which features leading star Katrina Kaif, uses the refrain from ‘Latika’s Theme’ from the Oscar-winning Slumdog Millionaire

Commenting on the situation, Bhushan Kumar from record company T-series explained: “In normal circumstances, we don’t have to ask for permission from composers, but with Rahman it is on a royalty basis, so he was informed, but his office wasn’t and they contacted us.”

Kumar told the newspaper that the situation with the composer had now been resolved.

“All these misunderstandings have been sorted out as we have told them that in the near future when we are in talks with any company for any of Rahman’s tracks we will keep them in the loop. Things are fine now.”

AR Rahman followed up his success on Danny Boyle’s film by collaborating with international music star Kylie Minogue.