ARR's Oscar Moment :)

By December 10, 2010 No Comments

1.Before coming, I was excited and terrified. The last time I felt like

that was during my marriage. There’s a dialogue from a Hindi film

called “Mere paas ma hai,” which means “I have nothing but I have a

mother,” so mother’s here, her blessings are there with me. I am

grateful for her to have come all the way. And I want to thank the

Academy for being so kind, all the jury members.

I want to thank Sam Schwartz, I/D PR,

all the crew of Slumdog, Mr. Gulzar, Raqueeb Alam,

Blaaze, my musicians in Chennai and Mumbai. And

I want to tell

something in Tamil, which says, which I normally say after every award

which is

” Ellapugazhum Iraivanukke” “God is great.” Thank you”.

2.”I just want to thank again the whole crew of Slumdog Millionaire,

especially Danny Boyle for giving such a great opportunity. And all

the people from Mumbai. The essence of the film about optimism and the power of hope in our lives.

“All my life I had the choice between hate and love.

I choose love and here I am”. God Bless”