Ash King On ARRahman

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How did working with AR Rahman come about?

I was introduced to AR Rahman through a friend for a project he was working on at the time. As we worked in the same industry, it was almost inevitable for us to meet. When I first met him, he asked me to sing something on the spot. I sang a piece in English. He asked me if I could sing in Hindi and I said, quite honestly, that I couldn’t speak Hindi. He then went on to ask me whether I knew any Hindi. I confirmed that whilst I watched Hindi films occasionally and understood the language, I couldn’t speak it myself. He asked me to sing some Hindi words in a tune of my choice. It was after this that AR Rahman became confident that I could perhaps sing in his forthcoming film. He then asked me whether I would like to do just that. It was AR Rahman that gave me the vision to have a singing career in Bollywood.