Blaaze About Tamil Anthem

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The Tamil Anthem – Music AR Rahman – Lyrics – Chief Minister Karunanidhi

A week before leaving for the Jai Ho World Tour, i was asked to come into studio to record… little did i know at the time, this was going to be the biggest and most remembered song in tamil history… With pure amazing lyrics, and the sounds of an anthem that will remain in people’s hearts, body and soul for generations to come, bringing together 3 generations of singers, and making the perfect composition, when i heard what Mr. AR Rahman had been working on, it was a ‘magical’ moment. Only rahman could have thought of this diverse blend of genres and styles and sounds in One song. To check on my pronounciation of each and every word, the humble Ms. Kanimozhi, was present in the studio, and though i really wanted to take a snap with her, as i do admire her strength and leadership qualities and her service to the people, i just did not have the guts to ask her for a picture … maybe one day soon, godwilling 🙂 We later shot a few portions with Mr Gautham Menon and his team, and also in studio with Mr. Selva. To me, it is a moment in time that will stand the test of time.

someone posted a comment about my involvement in the tamil anthem, on arr fans group about how my portion is ‘different’ in the anthem and not reqd… so i posted this response to the group…

Honestly, i feel truly honoured, humbled and blessed to be a part of such an
amazing anthem. And amongst the best, to feature my rap bit is such a
heartwarming feeling. I finally feel a sense of belonging, and a sense of
community… and to me, this is my Oscar! AR Rahman, God Bless…