Fast Track

By May 13, 2010 No Comments

When music director AR Rahman and film-maker Mani Ratnam wanted a groovy, yet folksy tribal feel for a song in Raavan — a film loosely based on Ramayana, they got UK-based singer Am’Nico into the studio. The result is Thok De Killi— a spirited AR Rahman number sung by Am’Nico and Sukhwinder Singh, which is taking up considerable airtime on the radio in the days running up to the film’s release this summer.

Am’Nico, a UK based Indian singer who has been rocking the charts as a popular voice in the underground music scene in UK , says, “The song is inspired from gilli danda— the traditional Indian village game. The sound is fresh and unique, dissimilar to many recent mainstream Bollywood soundtracks. I was working on an album, Donasian – We Can Make It Better, the music of which was done by Rahman and my brother Mukhtar. I am glad he remembered me and called me to sing for such a prestigious project.”