I am a Rahmaniac – Sathish Kumar Canada

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In Picture::Visually Challenged Fan Of RahmanJi.

Am I lucky? This question really sounds insane to me at this moment, let me rephrase it. Am I blessed? It was a dream that came true for me when I saw Mr. A. R. Rahman on September 26, 2010 in Canada. In my life, I have always had a deep respect for Mr. A. R. Rahman, Mr. Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, Mother Teresa, Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam and Mr. Bill Gates. Now, why I have to associate these five great personalities? I could just make out a seven lettered word in the English language to respond this, CHARITY. I have been admiring all these five people for their love and affection towards the physically challenged, mentally challenged and the orphan children in India.

I liked Mr. A. R. Rahman’s music from the time when I heard the soundtracks from Roja, the movie, I loved his music ever since the day I saw his love and concern towards the nation and underprivileged children. I have highlighted the words ‘like’ and ‘love’ purposely; the meaning of these two words has a considerable difference though it doesn’t seem for some. There are many good qualities that I have learnt from Mr. A. R. Rahman. In fact, I donated my first salary to the orphan children only after seeing his love and concern for underprivileged children; I have told this only to my mother and my sister, S. Kanmani Winny. I had to admit this fact here to the rest of my friends and relatives not just to boast myself, but to show how things had changed in my life from the time when I started admiring Mr. A. R. Rahman. I would also like to add that I listen only to the songs composed by Mr. A. R. Rahman & G. V. Prakash Kumar; I don’t listen to the songs composed by any other musicians. I am not sure from when exactly I started having this intention build upon me; I tag this phase of my life to Rahmanism.

September 26, 2010, at times I had to question myself if this day really existed in my calendar. I walked roughly 10kms on September 25, 2010 in an extreme cold weather to purchase the ticket for the Jai Ho concert; I really can’t believe how I managed to walk that evening without my winter jacket and boots. To my surprise, I deserved a VIP ticket by the Jai Ho concert organizers in Canada on seeing my fanaticism towards Mr. A. R. Rahman. I would like to thank Mr. Sundeep Anand and Mrs. Ritu Anand for giving me such an opportunity, I will never forget them in my life for their love towards the people of India. Oh, my goodness! I was on cloud nine when Mr. A. R. Rahman appeared on the stage, I almost had the tears of joy streaming down my cheeks when he stood beside me and waved his hand. I would also like to share one of the most important incidents that happened on the same day; I met a visually challenged fan of Mr. A. R. Rahman. I felt so happy for him and I offered him a souvenir magazine of the Jai Ho concert, his mother helped him in finding the picture of Mr. A. R. Rahman. I didn’t really have any words to articulate when he stood up and touched the picture of Mr. A. R. Rahman with his fingers; a lot of happiness and respect was reflected in his face when he loved doing that again and again. Let me share his mother’s response on seeing this, “My son loves Rahman’s music very much. Sundeep and Ritu were so good to us, they are the people sent by God for having such a good heart to sponsor us the tickets for the show. It was my son’s dream to listen to Rahman’s voice in a live concert.” I am pretty much sure that Mr. A. R. Rahman will be glad if he happens to know of this visually challenged fan, I will soon send a picture of him to A. R. Rahman Foundation and Rahman360°. I am very proud to be a Rahmaniac, his music is divine and it gives me a great feel and motivation in life. If I were to teach the alphabets to my children, I would definitely go with A for A. R. Rahman. Output: I would not only end up in teaching an alphabet to my children, but the qualities of being a good citizen- Love, humbleness, charitableness, forgiveness, spiritualism, patriotism, தாய்மைக்கு மரியாதை etc.

உங்களை புகழ வார்த்தைகள் பல கோடி வேண்டும் அண்ணா, அதனால்

வணங்குகிறேன் உங்களின் இசையை.

Jai Ho Rahman bhayya, I love you with all my heart and soul.

-N. Sathish Kumar (Rahmaniac)