I love what Rahman is doing: Bryan Adams

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Demands from his fans on a microblogging site is bringing Bryan Adams to India this weekend! The heartthrob of millions says he is also excited about working in Bollywood.

“Do I have to say the words?”, “Cuts like a knife”, “Please forgive me” , “It’s only love” , “Run to you” and “Let’s make a night to remember” . Bryan Adams has been a name synonymous with the world’s greatest love ballads. What has been your biggest source of inspiration?
Most of them were written for films, so I’d have to say that movies were the inspiration for many of them.

Ten studio, five live, five compilation and two soundtrack albums later, how do you reflect back on life, considering you had a modest beginning and had once admitted that “All we (Bryan and Jim Vallance) wanted was to pay the rent, eat at the local curry house, and not have to do a day job” …
When you put it in that kind of perspective, I’d have to say we achieved what we set out to do. The thing is, it doesn’t end there, because as you go along, you set new goals for yourself. I still want to do all the things I set for myself originally, except, instead of going to the local curry house, I get to eat curry on tour in India.

Some of your best-known songs have been co-written by Jim Vallance. What are the different perspectives that each of you added to this songwriting partnership?
Jim is like the AR Rahman of Canada. He’s an all-round musician and songwriter, he really could have been an artiste in his own right, but he doesn’t like the limelight, although I have had him on stage a few times in the past year during my Bare Bones acoustic tour.

You’ve just released an album of acoustic live tracks — “Bare Bones – Live” in November. What made you bring out the acoustic guitar, considering that not every track can sound good on the same?
Every song does sound good on the acoustic guitar, it’s how they are written, it’s how I work. I wanted to show everyone how the songs came about, how they are in their purest form. It’s been the most incredible musical experience since working with Robert John “Mutt” Lange in the 90s.

How did the Micromax Bryan Adams Live in Concert India tour come up?
The fans! I have a Twitter page and thousands of people are asking me all the time to come to different countries, the majority of them come from India.

A known philanthropist, through The Bryan Adams Foundation, you are working the world over for the cause of education for children. Do you think the situation has improved over the years?
The situation will never improve all over the globe, there is such poverty and suffering, unfairness and apartheid. Humans treating humans worse than they treat animals. My goal is to hopefully change a few things for a few people, mostly with education. If I can do that, then the Foundation will have been a success. Time will tell. You have done concerts for various charitable causes the world over. So, is it a cause which is bringing you to India? It’s the fans that are bringing me to India, however, I’m going to try to raise some money for charity while I’m there.

Have you heard Indian music?
What a question…of course!

Is there an Indian artiste you would want to collaborate with?
I love what AR Rahman is doing…

Have you heard of Bollywood, which is now being joined by singers/actors across the globe? Would you ever want to sing for Bollywood?
Of course, that would be exciting.

While on films, why is it that in your career spanning three decades, you haven’t sung too many songs for motion pictures even after smash hits like “Have you ever really loved a woman?”, “All for love” and “( Everything I do) I do it for you” , which was later used in “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves” ?
I’ve sung many film songs since those motion picture songs, including entire soundtracks like “Spirit: Stallion of the Cimmaron”. I’ve also written for other films like “Bobby”, where I was nominated for a Golden Globe, “The Guardian” and more recently for “Old Dogs” with John Travolta.

Finally, what would be your advice to every wannabe Bryan Adams in India?
Make sure you write your own songs and be prepared for lots of hard work (and a few curries too!).

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