I want to work with Rahman – Nadia Ali

By June 7, 2011 No Comments ‘Rapture’ probably has the same effect on it’s audience as it did when it was first released in 2001. The song that hit number two on the UK Singles Chart also shot the Pakistani-American singer Nadia Ali to fame. The artist was recently in town as a part of her five-city India Tour. She stopped by the city to give her second but last performance before flying off to France.

She was captivated by the sounds and rhythm of electronic music as a teenager. “We would go to a lot of clubs when I was a teenager. I loved it a lot. The music would set everyone free of their inhibitions. There was no pretence. Everyone was what and who they were,” says the artist.

Though electronic maybe her forte, Ali is equally passionate about world music and other genres of music. “I am very fond of acoustic music. I am on a constant search to find new acoustic music that I can work with. I have sung a couple of such songs as well,” she informs. Even though Ali has had no formal vocal or instrumental training, she has managed to mesmerise countless souls across the global scene with her sultry voice. “I started singing very early in life. I guessed I just improved over the years. As far as instruments are concerned, I can strum the strings and play the piano just about enough for me to be able to write songs on it,” says singer about her about her raw talent.

Speaking of her concert she says that the crowd was amazing. “The energy and the vibes were excellent,” she reveals. Even after giving thousands of performances, every concert for her is unique and has an individual experience. “I love watching the audience respond to my music. Seeing them sing along is an exhilarating feeling,” she exclaims. Though this was her first visit to the city, she says she loved Bangalore the most. “I guess it was the weather,” she giggles. Apart from the weather, Ali feels that Bangalore has ‘a more Indian touch to it than any other Indian city’ she has performed at.

At the moment, she is working on her latest album. “The album will have a lot of dance energy to it. I will also be collaborating with various producers like Afrojack,” she informs. Speaking of collaborations, Ali says that even though she has worked with a number of producers, the experience is always different.

“There are some producers who are laid back and chilled and then there are those who get immensely involved with the project. You can’t equate the two,” says the singer.

Influenced a lot by Sufi music, Ali says her biggest source of inspiration is Ustaad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. “I love his work. I like his son, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s music as well,” she informs. She also says that there are a few Indian music producers who she would love to work with. “I would love to work with AR Rahman,” she quips. She also adds that she would love to experiment with the genres of music.

“Some time in the future I would like to experiment with folk, Indie and alternate music. Though my first love is electronic, I like rock as well. U2 is probably one of my favourite bands,” she says.

Speaking with City Express, Ali spills the beans on her new love. “It is cooking. It’s like my new found love. I have been whipping some desi food for my folks at home. I have managed to learn how to make biriyani, aloo baingan and palak chicken,” she gushes

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