India, Oz should 'redefine friendship': Rahman

By January 14, 2010 No Comments

Two time Oscar award winner AR Rahman is all set to perform in Sydney after a gap of five years but this comes at a time when Australia has been in the news for all the wrong reasons.

In an exclusive chat with NDTV’s Rohit Bhan, the Mozart of Madras says that his concert in Sydney will redefine the friendship again”.

NDTV: This event has happened at a time when there are so many uncomfortable things happening in Australia, how do you weigh it?

Rahman: For me it is a historic event because of two things on the positive side. Firstly Australia has been very kind to me, my song Jai Ho became number one here (Australia) also I have had a great audience in Melbourne and Sydney last year. Now this concert has to redefine the friendship again so I haven t given any interviews about the racial killing as everything has been painted in the same brush.

There were racial killings but there were other kinds of killings as well but everything get packaged in one kind, which is very dangerous. So, it is important to get on with the future with a positive mind. This concert is the first step in that direction. The Australian government is supporting it, I hope the people support it too.

NDTV: This event is also being held to promote cultural harmony and better understanding of the Indian community, through your music, through your performance. To what extent will you be able to take it forward?

Rahman: A concert is an event where all communities come together. I want people to blog and send messages which I think should help clear out misunderstandings.

NDTV: Apart from your show there will be other folk bands. So, do you think Indian music has achieved that level where it is being recognised globally?

Rahman: Indian music has got a wealth of stuff and there is not even one per cent that has come out. So, I am sure that in the future people will enjoy much more than this, we are all a very small part of it.

NDTV: There have been unpleasant exchanges between members from both the countries over the incidences which have happened in Australia, do you have any message for them?

Rahman: As I said don t worsen the situation, don t fight over the past, forgive the past, let s heal that and go on with the future in a positive way.

India has meanwhile asked Australia to take immediate steps to curb violence against its citizens there, warning that recent attacks could affect relations between the two countries. The violence has caused an uproar in India, which has millions of citizens working and studying abroad.

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