Ismail Darbar is a freaking idiot – Resul Pookutty

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Ismail Darbar is a freaking idiot.I heard he is been saying AR Rahman bought the Oscars!!! One thing he has no idea about how Oscars is been conducted, he thinks that it’s some kind of Indain film awards that can be favoured, more than that he is a frog in a well.It’s appaling to see fellow artist making such trash statements.There has been a lot of criticism that Slumdog is nor AR Rahman’s best work, but no doubt his body of work deserve the highest recognition in the field of cinema, so are like other’s important work too.But I’m wondering, what’s Ismail Durbars body of work,except Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, which is more of Sajay Bhansali’s biggest contribution, what’s that he has done the nation is been singing to…It’s really bad taste mr.Darbar, you are stooping so low to talk about AR’s work in this manner.He has taken Indian cinema in far too height that you can only dream of…Don’t be jealous,get real.I feel ashamed of myself having to have said things in this manner about you.A real artist should respect others work and others achievements.I’m sorry I have to say this to you but I can’t help it!!!Mr.Darbar, one more thing, it’s not AR, I bought the Oscars!!! And I talked about Om!!! The whole world celebrated me, The Academy even put it as the most touching speeches of the Oscars ever, so please leave AR…he is a saint!We had the biggest laugh the other day when I told some of the Academy members about this comment.We are only diminishing our own chances.Our chances of world celebrating is this intolerance of our artists has been the biggest challenge of our cinema.Something that we as Global citizens to be ashamed of and be careful about.


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