Kadhal Virus Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

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Greetings to all my friends, i had to post this BGM link in a special note, as the Background scores had touched my soul and left a very deep cut…. Nothing bad, but what i mean, as in the feeling the BGMs gives has no words to be expresed. First of all, Kadhal virus was the 1st BGM i ripped (when i was 14 years old) using a normal VCD. I believe that bgm pack is still going around online, as i saw the files still available in some blogs. That time itself, i loved the movie, despite many saying its a weak film. I seeked high and low for the DVD to get its voiceless, and i got it from a site, and that member has been so kind to actually upload the file again just for my request, thanks “bubone”. 🙂 I saw it again few days back, to know what to name the BGMS when im ripping, and i got my heart tore again… The movie has a very deep love emotion, and not many could appreciate it back then. Its unbelievable the movie was a flop, im totally dissapointed in that. Yes, some parts of the movie was funny as in the scenes which was taken it was very weird, but the movie holds a very strong love message. A very neat film from Kadhir. 🙂

On the music, this is the 1st time i found diffculites in ripping the bgms and adjusting the sound, becoz i would be closing my eyes and enjoying the music… and at some point, i teared becoz the music was too beautiful. Esp Track 10, please listen to it. And the Final track, Track 82… Do listen and be lost in love…. 🙂 My personal favourite…… Here is the links for you all, as i promised…. 🙂 Enjoy the excellent music..

Oh yeah, for those who always complained ARR has changed his style, this BGM will compensate for it. Truly a TYPICAL ARR BGM touch, with many Indian flavour and touches ALL OVER THE BGM. A MUST DOWNLOAD for fans of ARR, especially if ur a fan of the song Sonnalum and Yenthan Vaanil from the same movie… In My honest opinion, this BGM would just make me forget his bgms in VTV even… very Indianized BGM in Kadhal Virus, my fav kind of music from ARR….:)

Recomended Tracks :

Track 10
Track 17
Track 18
Track 19
Track 26
Track 38
Track 49
Track 54
Track 29
Track 80
Track 81
Track 82

Part I :
Part II :

Above message and link by Dinesh Scaran (Ripper)

Thanks : Rahmanatic.Com