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If you were longing for an inspirational stuff from A.R. Rahman, Nenjae Ezhu might just be the one. Acoustic drums, progressive chords, grand strings and above all there is Rahman’s voice that makes the number mellifluous. If a song can elevate the situation for which it was made, you know the composer has done justice to his composition and Rahman has done just that.

Innum Konjam Neram is a song that might give you an answer for a penchant for melody in the album. Vijay Prakash and Shweta Mohan have done complete justice to the song in an otherwise not-so-melodic  African theme based album.

Chinmayi’s “Eh Maryan” and a bit of laughter here and there goes to show that her dubbing skills are coming handy while singing  for Rahman (Remember Magudi Magudi?) and seems to have picked up from where she left when she sang for Rahman last time. Vijay Prakash has become a household name in Rahman’s album these days and he seems to have proved his worth every time he has sung for him. The humming in the song can take you back to the days where you were longing for something like this to happen from Rahman.

Ask for a foot-tapping number and in comes Sonapareeya. A song that can make you dance with its catchy interlude and then there is the composer who says, “Yes, this is Africa.” Javed Ali and Haricharan along with the composer have made sure that the song becomes an instant hit.

The female lead seems to be longing for the hero to come back to her and Yenga Pona Raasa appears to fit into the basket perfectly. Shakthisree’s vocals and Keba Jeremiah’s guitar seem to have helped the song largely in doing so.

Blaaze is a regular with Rahman and the moment you see his name on the album cover, you know the song is going to be different. Rahman seems to have captured the essence of African theme brilliantly in the album and this song goes to show you just that.

The much hyped combination of Rahman-Yuvan appears to have delivered big time. Rahman has done his best in making sure he selected a voice that could do justice to the tune that again has an African sound to it. The fusion deserves a big mention along with the master mix. The song was mixed within hours and to achieve this feat without compromising on the quality is something phenomenal.

Maryan as a whole is gives you a good listen and wait for the movie to release to see Rahman recreate the magic along with the story again.

Review By Mr.Kaushik

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