Music cleanses the soul: Rahman

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AR Rahman talks to TOI about the language of universe and love that’s also his connect to God.

I am often asked about my favourite composition and whether I consider Jai Ho to be my best work so far. I think that it’s not so much to do with it being the best, but with it being the best at that moment in the film. It’s instances like these that make me believe in the power of universe. And when the right things happen at the right time, is when your faith in something is reinforced many times more.

Music is powerful too, because it does what no religion or politics has been able to do… It brings together people and unites them. You will never see a music-lover have favourites based on the singer’s religion or the language. Music is the language of universe and love. It connects a person to the soul and this soul to other souls. So, I believe in the divinity of music. I also believe in Sufism and that the music has the power to cleanse the soul. So, am I religious? Yes. Am I spiritual? Yes. There’s God in each one of us, no matter what the religion and I respect that divinity present in each one of us. When I pray, it’s not only for myself. I pray for peace for everyone.

I am also a firm believer in destiny. But more than destiny, I believe in prayers. I feel that prayers coming from a pure heart can actually change the destiny. I have seen it happen. It’s true that you also need to put in your sincerity and hard work, but it’s meaningless if there’s hatred and contempt in heart for your fellow beings.

I also believe in karma. When you do good and think good, there’re bound to be good things happening in your life too. The good wishes you earn in this lifetime are the real awards. Good work may or may not get you the awards, but you will always reap the benefits of good wishes, that’s the real reward!

(As told to Aakanksha Naval-Shetye)

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