My contribution to ARR's career is very little- Mani

By June 13, 2010 No Comments

You gave Bollywood AR Rahman with Roja and from there he went on to fascinate the world. How much would you say you have contributed to his success?
My contribution to his career is very little, almost nothing. A talent like his would have emerged in any case. It just happened to be with Roja. That is one of those good coincidences. He was fantastic even then, and what he is doing today is just as amazing.

And what is his contribution to your films?
I depend quite a bit on music for my films. Whether it was Ilayaraja who has done a lot of films for me or Rahman, their contribution to my films is enormous. A lot of my films are underlined by music, sometimes it could be against the content of the scene too but they are able to score something different and add another text to the scene. Without their music as their background my films would not be the same.