One can’t do every movie with an Oscar in mind, says Rahman

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Blessed with talent and endless achievements, this music maestro still remains grounded. A R Rahman talks exclusively to TOI on its fifth anniversary about Chennai, his career, family and more…

When we say Chennai, what comes to your mind?
Family, friends, love, loud car horns and the humidity.

Buzz is that you have done a screenwriting course in Los Angeles and will soon be taking up direction.
I did a workshop and one of the teachers is helping me finish a couple of scripts. Direction is too far away from me at this point as it requires undivided attention. Being in the creative worlds of Hollywood and Indian cinema, one is in touch with the best of both. These days, the line between making music and visuals are blurring. Eventually, when we go on the floors with one of my stories, I would, of course, be a creative producer.

So you always save the best for Mani Ratnam, since you have been composing extraordinary numbers for him?
It’s the ease and adaptability he has which makes us vibe well and helps me refine constantly.

2 Oscars, 1 Grammy, 25 Filmfare Awards and 4 National Awards. What do these awards actually mean to you? What more are you looking forward to?
The idea of being born every day still helps me be passionate, so I don’t carry the baggage of awards once I get them. In fact, I tend to mentally disown them while working and embrace their existence only when I face low self esteem.

Do you think you can re-create the Oscar magic with your upcoming film, The Seventh Son, in Hollywood?
This movie needs a totally different state of mind to compose. You will see and hear it when it releases. It’s been an interesting ride so far. One can’t do every movie with an Oscar in mind. It’s happened once and I am moving on to newer experiences.

You celebrated your 18th wedding anniversary recently. Has your wife Saira been supportive of your career?
She has been extremely supportive and been a great mother to my children. So far so good! God has been kind in keeping us sane.

You are travelling most of the time. How do you play dad to your children? Are they interested in music too?
Just as my dad gave music to our family, I felt the necessity to give music to my kids too. They are slowly getting into it.


Source : Times Of India