Oscar winning legend AR Rahman wowed by GIIS Singing Stars

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He is the international music maestro feted the world over for his iconic compositions. His tunes sway millions of music fans to the core of their hearts. Oscar winning living legend A R Rahman paid an exclusive visit to GIIS Queenstown Campus on 17th March and gave the jubilant students of GIIS a superb introduction of his humble yet majestic persona.

At 1pm on 17 March 2011, the auditorium of the Queenstown Campus was filled to maximum capacity with GIIS students and parents, many of whom took time off from work. Never before have children come so early to attend an event nor have they lined up in aisles to get a single opportunity to pose for a picture with someone like this before. This was clearly the most important event and coming on the heels of exam completion, it seemed like a golden chance to see and hear A R Rahman.

The musical genius was received at the GIIS Queenstown Campus by Mr Atul Temurnikar, Mr B G Shenoy, Mr Kaustubh Bodhankar as well as GIIS Senior Management team. Mr Rahman proceeded to garland the statue of Mahatma Gandhi before going to the auditorium. Upon entering the auditorium, he was greeted by a burst of applause from the audience. The programme began with an inspiring performance of 2 songs by the winners of the Global Indian Stars competition from GIIS East Coast and Balestier Campuses. , “Kehta Hai Mera yeh dil piya…” from the film- Jeans and “Ishq bina kya jina yaro…” from the film- Taal. Following this, the singing stars of GIIS Queenstown Campus took to the stage to put in a rousing performance of “Chinna Chinna Aasai – from the film Roja and the globally popular “Jai Ho…”. The young singers invited Mr Rahman to join them and he picked up his microphone to the erupting screams of the audience who were overcome with joy to witness the very special moment.

GIIS: Where do you look for talent?
AR Rahman: Oh, I look everywhere to find talent.

After getting wowed by students – Aishwarya Prakash, Balaram Ganesh and Kokila Narayani Balamurugan, AR Rahman: Does GIIS teach music?
GIIS: Yes, our school teaches both Carnatic and Hindustani vocals

AR Rahman: I am humbled by the genuine cheers by GIIS students, I was told it is the loudest any visitor to GIIS has ever got.

In his address to the students, parents and GIIS teachers, Mr Rahman began by saying that it was after a long time that he heard such an innocent version of ‘Chinna Chinna Asai..” and that it was beautiful. He expressed his happiness at being invited to GIIS and said that interacting with the GIIS community had truly

energized him. The experience of being at GIIS had taken him back to his schooldays, he expressed with a smile to the audience. Mr Rahman patiently answered all the questions. He told the audience, “I did not struggle for fame, it came to me like a blessing from God. All I wanted to do passionately was my music and everything followed.”

GIIS student: What was your inspiration for Jai Ho (the song)?
AR Rahman: Every Indian knows the word Jai Ho. Mostly when the elder generation wishes the younger generation they say ‘Jai Ho’-be victorious. In Slumdog Millionaire for the last sequence, the hero was going through such torture that when he came on (in the scene) the song was meant to have that introduction that he was coming from darkness to light, so it fit perfectly there and that was the inspiration.

GIIS student: Every artist goes through a struggle before he or she achieves recognition. Could you share with us one such experience that you’ve had?
AR Rahman: Mine was opposite. I never struggled for fame. It came to me it like a blessing from god. All I wanted to do passionately was my music and everything followed. Even now when you all do your work properly it will all come to you for recognition and fame.”

GIIS student: What according to you is your favourite composition?
AR Rahman: Every one of them. If I don’t like it I just scrap it! Some things you like, some things you don’t like. But I attempt that everything should be my favourite, give my 100%.

GIIS student: Could you share with us an incident that became a turning point to choose this career?
AR Rahman: When I was studying in high school, one day my mom told me, “I have a very important proposal for you. This composer wants you to play for him for a year and a half. Don’t worry about school. Do as I say.” I think that was the turning point of my career. No, I’m not telling you to leave school, but my life was like that.

GIIS student: Even the best minds have been affected by fame and popularity, what has made you so humble and so modest after all the popularity you’ve achieved?
AR Rahman: First of all I believe that it comes from god, so you can give it or take it, you can humiliate and give you (yourself) fame. In my opinion I’m not in control of it. So I’m staying away from it.

Mr Rahman was felicitated by Mr Atul Temurnikar who presented him with a memento on behalf of GIIS. Mr Rahman posed for pictures with GIIS students and signed autographs for some of the lucky students.

In a special message for GIIS students, he said

It is a pleasure to meet the students of Global Indian International School in Singapore. From my visit at your campus today, it seems that the school has made excellent efforts to give its students an all-round exposure – most importantly – music. I wish all GIIS students the very best and for all promising singers – Just believe in yourself and you will find endless possibilities of success in your life.

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