Raghav Set to Work with AR Rahman?

By July 27, 2011 No Comments

We announced in April that Raghav was going to be making his debut in Bollywood, and we finally have some more details!
Raghav is recording the title track of the upcoming Bollywood film Hum Tum Shabana. The track is titled “Hey Na Shabana.”

“I was really missing being in the scene in India and I felt the only way to make a proper re-entry was through Bollywood. I’ve been waiting for the right track that would encompass who I am as an artist in my Bollywood debut and this is definitely it,” Raghav told the Times of India.

Raghav is also hoping to work with distinguished directors such as A.R. Rahman. “I’ve waited a long time to put my foot in the door after turning down many opportunities. So many people called me silly for waiting so long. But artistically, things had to be right. As a singer, you are attached to that music for the rest of your life so the quantity over quality mentality doesn’t fly with me. There are so many music directors I would still like to work with, and A.R. Rahman is at the top of that list.”