Raheema is recovering fast: AR Rahman

By May 8, 2010 No Comments

Even as Raheema Rahman — music composer AR Rahman’s daughter — is in the process of getting discharged from Bandra’s Asian Heart Institute, Rahman has cancelled all his appointments for this month as he plans to stay by his ailing daughter’s side.

Rahman says, “For the past 3 nights, I have been playing a loving father to my daughter. No music, nothing. I want to sincerely thank all my friends and family members for their prayers and good wishes. God has been kind and Raheema is recovering fast.”

“I also want to thank all my friends from the media for their support and understanding of the situation and for respecting our privacy,” he adds.

According to hospital sources, the child has been declared out of danger and will be discharged after a 24-hour medical surveillance.

“The child had been diagnosed with this condition for almost eight years now. It’s a condition when the heart cannot pump the required amount of blood into the body. Hence the patient becomes weak and might even have blackouts as the brain sometimes lacks the required oxygen. It is a congenital defect and she had been suffering from this ailment for quite sometime. The doctors haven’t recommended operation at this stage,” says a source.