Rahman and Mani have always weaved magic" – Nikhil Dwived

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Nikhil Dwivedi

Music is what feelings sound like for Nikhil Dwivedi. When he talks about Raavan and its music, you can make out his feelings for the film and its soundtracks. He doesn’t take sides; he stands by it and firmly. He is a true music lover and a strange one too. Because his all time favourite song is from the film Satte Pe Satta called ‘Dilbar Mere‘. In a quick brief chat, Nikhil takes us through his best tracks from Mani Ratnam films, including Raavan and more.

Favourite soundtrack from Hindi film

I have stories behind each one of my favourite soundtracks. But my ‘the favourite’ soundtrack from a Hindi film has to be ‘Dilbar Mere‘ from Satte Pe Satta. All the seven songs from the album are my favourite. It’s the best album I’ve ever heard. It’s strange but that’s the fact. The first brush of music remains with you throughout your life. It’s mystical. When I was a young boy, Satte Pe Satta released. Over the years, the music of that film has grown for me. Not to forget, it had my favourite actor, Mr Amitabh Bachchan. It had my favourite music composer, Mr R.D. Burman. It had Kishore Kumar singing the songs. It had Asha Bhonsle who is my favourite too. I think Amitabh Bachchan has never looked so handsome to me in his entire life than in Satte Pe Satta.

Favourite soundtrack from Raavan

It has to be the title track ‘Beera‘. Yes, what a wonderful way to describe Raavan in that song. It says so much and everything about this man called Raavan. People have liked the Mission Impossible themes, National Anthems, James Bond themes, etc. You get the idea of what Raavan is all about. It has superb lyrics from Gulzaar saab and music woven beautifully by the genius A.R. Rahman.

Raavan music – Not that great?

When any of A.R. Rahman albums release, everyone says that the album is not that great. Thirty days later, they’ll say ‘Oh, it’s catching on’ and sixty days later they’ll say ‘It’s the greatest album ever produced.’ I am hardly surprised by the reactions of the music reviews. Why this demand for difference? Mani Ratnam is a maker who isn’t trying to create a different album. He isn’t a pop artist. He is a filmmaker. He will create songs that’ll do justice to the scenes and its story and its characters. Mani’s songs take the story forward. How different does a ‘Dangerous’ sound from a ‘Thriller’? It’s the same crooning of Michael Jackson. It’s the same innuendo’s. There will always be a difference in A.R. Rahman tracks, Michael Jackson tracks and R.D. Burman tracks but yet they are not different and that’s why we like these composers.

Favourite Mani Ratnam film soundtrack

My favourite track from any of Mani’s film is ‘Chaiya Chaiya‘ from Dil Se. I liked ‘Huma Huma‘ too from Bombay. It was the biggest hit ever from Mani Ratnam films. I like ‘Anjaana‘ from Yuva too. Again, all three songs were commercial hits.