Rahman on the Music of Raavan

By May 9, 2010 No Comments

Our humble maestro has done it again and composed some masterpieces in the new movie Raavan. A R Rahman has bagged prestigious Oscar and Grammy awards and introduced Bollywood music to the world and yet remains humble as ever. Recently he got talking on the music of Raavan and his experiences on working with Mani Ratnam. If you remember it was Mani Ratnam’s movie Roja that brought this maestro to the attention of the public. After all these years Rahman has not said no to even one of Mani Ratnam’s movies and continues to find time to do the score.
Rahman said that he was very comfortable working with Mani Ratnam and the director always wants to explore all the possibilities in composition of music for the songs of his movie. The ideas which are given by Rahman are well received by the director and now the musician has got a fair idea of what he wants for his songs

For the music of Raavan, A R Rahman has used quite a bit of vocals from Africa and the musician confirmed this and said that it was very apt for the theme of this movie. The music for the popular song Beera Beera was designed by Rahman to bring out the character of Beera played by Abhishek Bachchan. Although there are dark connotations to the character, Rahman has masterfully brought out an unprejudiced version of Beera which seems likable. Rahman was also all praise for the energetic recital of Thok De Khilli by Sukhwinder.