Rahman’s next Hollywood project stuck

By August 5, 2010 No Comments

AR Rahman

Just a couple of months after music maestro AR Rahman had revealed that he was working on a Hollywood project called Street Dancing, with English musician and record producer Dave Stewart, it is learnt that the project may not materialise now.

“If we go ahead with our movie, then it may have no impact at all and we don’t want to be fourth in line for a movie on a particular subject,” Amritraj says. “So we are evaluating things at the moment. We are also thinking of reworking the project, if possible.”

Though Rahman’s work on this project may go in vain, Amritraj says that he’s going to continue looking for opportunities to work with theMozart of Madras.

Calling Rahman a “true crossover star”, Amitraj says, “I’ve worked with Rahman long ago in Jeans and he’s been a friend since then. He’s the most exciting talent to have come out of India, and whenever there’s a movie that has a cross-cultural feel to it, I’ll definitely be working with him”.

When asked if he’d like to do a musical based on India with Rahman, Amritraj chuckles, “I’ve been looking for a story for ages now. If scriptwriters can come up with interesting material or fun, sweeping stories set between India and the west, I’d be the first one to produce it.”2