Ranbir frequents Rahman’s studio

By July 30, 2010 No Comments

To get under the skin of his character in Rockstar, Ranbir Kapoor is frequenting AR Rahman’s studio.

While Aamir Khan is known to take interest in the music of a film, rather every film he’s acting in, Ranbir Kapoor is doing it for personal reasons. The actor plays a rockstar in Imtiaz Ali’s Rockstar and is working hard to get under the skin of his character.

So, the actor decided to give it his best shot. Since music plays a very important role in the film and AR Rahman is composing it in this one, Ranbir wants to understand it thoroughly. That is why he has started making frequent trips to AR Rahman’s studio.

An insider says, “Ranbir is taking keen interest in the music of the film. The actor knows that music is the soul of this film and that he needs to understand its pulse to really get into his character.”

Apart from taking guitar lessons, Ranbir is also brushing up on his rock music knowledge. Talking to Saif Ali Khan might help?

But just being in the presence of AR Rahman, must prove to be a music lesson in itself for Ranbir.

Sure enough, the actor apparently just sits quietly at Rahman’s panoramic studio, while watching him work his magical fingers on his digitised equipment.”

Apparently, the character Ranbir plays is a Jim Morrison fan. But for a Rahman-besotted Ranbir, that might just prove to be another challenge.