SECOND COMING – Rahman to pep up CWG theme song

By September 13, 2010 No Comments

After the damp reception A R R a h m a n’s Commonwealth Games theme song “O Yaaro, India bula liya” received, the composition is being tweaked a bit to make it racier for the video launch of the number now slated for release within a week. The changes in rhythm have been carried out by Rahman himself and with the visuals that will go into the video, the effect is expected to be more electric than what is now. The video is being given its final touches in Mumbai with subtle variations in beat and rhythm to give it pep.

Sources said the creative team headed by Bharat Bala was overseeing the theme song’s final rendition as it is prepared for a release billed to be a big splash just ahead of the mega sporting event. The video will help make up for the lack of energy that seemed to be the grouse of many who failed to be moved by the Rahman touch.