Singer Srinivas Speaks About A.R.Rahman Sir At NVOK Programme

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Srinivas Sir – “Melisayae was the first opportunity i had to sing in films. It was AR Rahman who made me to sing it.. I was very excited on the day of audio release so that i can see my name on the Credits of Audio CD. Guess i was the first one to get the Audio CD of Mr.Romeo. Once i got hold of it,i was very excited and was turning back the CD cover to see my name on the credits. To my disappointment my name was not there beside the song Melisayae. But when i listened to the song it was my voice. I thought. .okay,il ask Rahman sir about this. When i met him a week afterwards i asked this about him.

He said,”You know what,even my name was not there in the credits of my first film Roja.”

I was shocked to hear that. He said,” Insha allah. It will be ok.””


Thanks Mr.Sathya