Taal : Ishq Bina : The Platonic Edit Mix

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Its been 10 years since Taal released and the music still feels ahead of time..eventually i caught up with the art of music appreciation and production…its been 10 years. I vividly remember where i was and what i was doing when i first heard the music of Taal. It had this powerful effect with the reverb and poetic feel that its been 10 years since i heard something as amazing. Esply the Ishq Bina track. Remember.. the bass guitar groove..remember the ambient sound..remember the shrill voice..remember??

Taal has a special place. The music released just 2 days before my birthday on June 10th and everyone i knew had bought an audio cassette of the soundtrack to give it to me as a present. On 10th i was left with 11 copies of the audio cassette, apart from the one i bought for me on the release day . None of the 11 who presented me the Taal cassette know about this.

…then i went from pillar to post to pre-book the audio disc. Eventually those who could not buy me a gift on the birthday gave me Taal audio discs. So i was left with 5 copies. Thats 11 cassettes and 5 audio CDs..Apart from the ones i bought myself.Thats a lot of Taal.

So much goes by with time. I remember discussing the tracks with few close friends who have gone their separate ways now. Where are you guys?


10 years hence, i realize that the main track in the CD is a cleverly conceived hip-hop groove! Ishq Bina has a hip-hop base and it took me the 10th year to realize..

So without killing the very soul of the track, i managed to program an ‘innocent mix’ of the class act of a track thats Ishq Bina. I call it the platonic edit mix. Did not touch the feel of the track, stayed away a good 5 feet from being tempted, added salt and pepper for taste to this great track.

  • Ishq Bina – The Platonic Mix
  • Genre : Groovy lounge
  • Duration : 5:39

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