U.K. affiliation – KMMC

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The KM Music Conservatory, A.R. Rahman’s school of Music and Technology, completes two years of its Foundation and Preparatory Programmes and next year has plans to offer a Graduate Programme for those who want a viable alternative to the traditional professional colleges.

KMMC has come up with a new diploma and degree programme that offers majors in Western vocal and piano. The Foundation Program is the entry point. There will be an affiliation with Middlesex University in London for the diploma course, which is scheduled to last two years after the completion of the Foundation course; the two years spent in Chennai will then facilitate a transfer of credit in the third year, which is to be attended at Middlesex in the U.K.

Instead of a mere music school, Rahman has envisaged the Conservatory as a group of performer-music directors. Specialisations are tailored to suit the individual. One can major in vocals, piano, percussion or violin, and, of course, there is always technology (logic and protools, specifically).