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ARRahman-peoplelikeusA little over a year ago, I had the distinct pleasure of working with world renowned artist and composer A.R. Rahman on the score/soundtrack for the film People Like Us. And as tradition has it in our home, when Daddy plays guitar in a movie, my wonderful girls buy the DVD for our collection.  😉

On this particular track “Dotted Line,” Liz Phair was the featured singer and I believe she co-wrote the song with A.R. It was awesome to walk into A.R.’s studio and see Liz sitting there waiting for me to show up so we could all jam together. I love the slow-medium lilt of the song and the refreshingly uncommon melody changes. What’s really interesting is watching A.R. work his magic. He’s probably the most pleasant, and well tempered person I’ve ever met who saves his intensity for the art form which definitely pays off as anything he puts his hands on is full of passion and grace. I played steel string and nylon string acoustic guitars on this, as well as some mandolin and ukulele. I love diversity!

For a totally different sonic flavor, check out “Airport Adventures,” on which I was the guitarist and featured vocalist for the same film. It’s kind of ironic because as I’m dubbed Nomad, I feel like my life is filled with adventures in airports! Download my Nomad Vol. 1 Sky EP on iTunes to hear what I mean.

~Michael Nomad Ripoll

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