A. R. Rahman populates his stage with gorgeous entourage, shimmering visuals

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Naturally, Slumdog Millionaire composer’s live show is cinematic, too

A. R. Rahman populates his stage with gorgeous entourage, shimmering visuals

Indian superstar A. R. Rahman strutted his stuff at Pacific Coliseum Tuesday night.

Concert review: A. R. RAHMAN

Where: Pacific Coliseum

When: Tuesday night

Grade: A


Indian superstar A.R. Rahman is famed for his film work. Fitting that his Jai Ho Concert: The Journey Home World Tour was cinematic in production.

From the golden temple gates projected onto the stage curtain opening to the pantheon of dancers popping out of trap doors on the ornate stage stairs, every gesture was grand.

In the middle of it all, the creator existed somewhere in the background.

Surrounded by exceptionally gorgeous dancers and backing musicians, Rahman was just that jeans and T-shirt dude with the platform-soled Docs.

The one with all the creative juices happily let the massive entourage score all the eye-candy time while he commanded the key vocals.

An arresting pageant of costumed finery inspired by regions of India roughly corresponding to the core central rhythmic theme of the songs boogied, bhangra’d, ragga’d — you name it — around the stage.

The multi-culti band of crack players pulled nearly every pop idiom and major Indian sub-continental style out in song after song.

While Brazilian berimbau, electric mandolin, tabla and taiko drums beat, visuals ranging from rivers in shimmering sunlight and waterfalls flowed over the backdrop.

It was quite the journey indeed.

For those more familiar with the song names from hit flicks such as Slumdog Millionaire and, I believe, Lagaan, the variety and set list was probably a veritable hit fest. For those of us less schooled in Rahman’s vast catalogue, it was an awesome introduction to the man’s music. All the way down to the duelling guitars and sitar cage-dance number that just needed a teeny bit more sacred cowbell.