Concerts have improved my singing skills, says Rahman

By July 14, 2010 No Comments


Music composer A.R. Rahman, who prefers creating music to singing, said that his singing has improved by taking part in music concerts and by preparing for them.
“I find my singing has improved with the numbers of concerts I have been taking part in,” Rahman, who is on the UK leg of his Jai Ho: The Journey Home world concert tour, said.
The tour, he said, is a hybrid between East and West. “It is a hybrid in the sense between a circus, a rock show, Hindi film music and a music concert, a unique experience,” Rahman said, adding that the director and all the production staff on the concert tour are from the West, including creative director Amy Tinkham.
The concerts will have songs, moving from English to Hindi to Tamil, “you would not be able to recognise the language,” he said.
Normally reticent Rahman was more forthcoming on Tuesday afternoon although he restricted his first response to questions to just a word or so. However, he made an effort to elaborate his answers and even made humorous remarks during his interaction with the media at a London hotel.
Rahman said he knows how to read Hindi and knows Urdu and Arabic, so his diction in Hindi while singing is not an issue. However, he said he lacks practice to be able to speak fluently.
Making it clear that he was not interested in politics at all, Rahman said he was happy composing music and would not consider joining politics at all. He said he will continue composing music for Hollywood films, but would restrict them to one a year.
“I work in India two to three films at a time, but I cannot do that in the US, I would get sued. So I work on the score for two months and finish it.”